How do you feel if I say about 30 % of your internet traffic is either adware or spyware? Do you know your devices collect information even when you are asleep?

Majority non-enterprise computers don’t have any encryption enabled on their Windows. Regular home users may not need any encryption as long as if they do carry their computers out of the home or no sensitive data is stored.

But if you usually carry the computer out use in a commercial space such as bill-desk or kiosk, or contains sensitive and confidential information.

You may think your device is protected with a password, pin and/or a fingerprint, and no one can access without knowing it. All these security measures are used by the windows logon service to load the user profile…

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Implementing analytics in an Angular application has a fairly large number of ways. No matter what library you choose there will be significant changes to your component or template.
In most of the projects, devs implement analytics at later stages. By this time the complexity of application reaches to dozens of components and hundreds of events.
By this point managing analytics becomes clumsy. We need a solution that affects the components in the least possible way.

Isn’t it comforting, if I tell you ‘there is a solution in which your template needs only one extra parameter to do this?’.

Pradeep Kancharla

Former Java developer, active Angular developer, Data-Science Student and Azure Certified cloud application developer.

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